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SALE: Upwind RPG: The Grand Amplifier Campaign

SALE: Upwind RPG: The Grand Amplifier Campaign

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The Prophecy of the Grand Amplifier is a setting-spanning, Upwind sourcebook and campaign written by Upwind’s authors. The book contains plenty of new locations, NPCs, Relics, creatures and Master’s caches. The adventure will draw players deep into the setting of the Upwind RPG.

The story takes a band of young Knights from novice recruitment through their Academy training. It challenges them with their graduation cruise, leads them on a ranging series of missions across the Realms. Finally, it then sends them deep into the Dark in pursuit of an ancient legacy.The discoveries they make along the way will upend everything they know about the history of the Children, the Masters of the Wind and the origin of the Kin themselves.

A copy of the Upwind rulebook is required to play this expansion

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