The Shield Of Daqan: Descent Journeys in the Dark

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A novel by By David Guymer.

Mighty warriors fight to save the realm from blood magic and evil, in this battle-soaked epic fantasy novel, from the hugely popular Descent games.

The once-glorious Barony of Kell is a ruin of its former self, assailed by banditry and famine; its noble Baron Frederick caught between saving his people and defending his borders. Yet worse is to come… for a Dark tide is rising. Sadistic warrior-priestess, Ne’Krul, spying an opportunity to wreak magical mayhem on behalf of her demonic masters, leads her Uthuk warband into a brutal invasion. Kell’s only hope lies in holy warrior, Andira Runehand, and legendary hero, Trenloe the Strong, both drawn to Kell to defeat an alliance of evil unprecedented in Terrinoth. They must not fail.