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Rurik - Dawn of Kiev

Rurik - Dawn of Kiev

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Rurik: Dawn of Kiev is a euro-style realm building game set in an 11th century Eastern European kingdom. It features area control, resource management, and a new game mechanic - "auction programming."

You play as a potential successor to the throne following the death of your father, Vladimir the Great, in 1015. Although warfare seems to be the easiest path to success, the people value a ruler who leads well in a variety of endeavors. Your claim to the throne depends on how well you manage the help of your troops and advisors.

In Rurik, players openly bid for actions with their advisors. Stronger advisors earn greater benefits at the cost of performing their action later than other players. Conversely, weaker advisors earn lesser benefits but perform their action quickly. After all advisors are placed, players take turns resolving their lowest numbered advisor, regardless of which action column it is on, and performing the action.

Dynamic Solo Mode

Rurik features an engaging single player experience with 4 levels of difficulty. The AI changes between 3 modes throughout the game and within each mode has a different approach to bidding and resolving actions. The dynamic automa opponent only reveals one bid at a time so you are never quite sure how it will play!

1-4 players

Ages 13+

30minutes per player

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