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Onirim is a solo/cooperative card game in which you navigate the landscape of dreams themselves. By playing or discarding Location cards, you search for oneiric doors that will lead you from the dream labyrinth. Playing three Location cards of the same colour in a row reveals a door. You can use the power of Prophecy to re-order the top five cards of the deck. But make haste! Time is short, and you are not alone in the labyrinth. Terrifying nightmares slither through its corridors to thwart your quest by any means possible. Encountering one triggers a penalty, such as forcing you to discard your hand of cards. If you get all eight Door cards into play before the deck runs out, you escape the labyrinth and win the game!

This edition of Onirim contains seven expansions that can alter your journey through the labyrinth in new and mysterious ways. Each expansion adds new cards that create new challenges and grants you additional control over the dream world. For example, The Book of Steps Lost and Found requires that you obtain the Door cards in a particular order while also adding spell cards you can use to remake the labyrinth as you see fit. Or you could chase down Lost Dream cards as you explore the labyrinth's ever-shifting chambers and corridors. Whichever expansions you choose, your dreams will never be the same again!

1-2 players

Ages 10+

15 minutes

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