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On a bleak night in December of 1894, tragedy struck the Count of Warwick’s manor in the highlands of Scotland. In the aftermath of a glittering party, a man-servant was found dead, and although the police declared his death accidental, rumours of foul play ran wild. Thirty years later, this unsolved mystery returns to light as a group of notable psychics converges on the Scottish manor in hopes of making contact with a restless ghost and bringing that spirit the peace it has so long been denied…

Mysterium is a cooperative, deduction game that challenges two to seven players to solve a murder that occurred thirty years ago. One player takes on the role of a restless ghost, tasked with communicating the true culprit of the murder to the assembled psychics. The other players all play as psychics, receiving visions and interpreting them to the best of their abilities in order to narrow down the list of suspects. Yet time is in no one’s favour tonight—if the players take too long to discover the truth, the bridge between the worlds is closed, and the ghost must wait another year to reach its eternal rest!

The tormented spirit cannot rest until you and your fellow psychics solve the mystery. Will you play as the ghost and lead the other players to the truth? Will you reach out to the other side of death and learn the secrets of a decades-old murder? Gaze into your crystal ball and reveal the secrets of Mysterium!

2-7 players
Ages 10+
30-45 minutes

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