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Machi Koro Legacy

Machi Koro Legacy

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10 game family-friendly Legacy Game.

Machi Koro Legacy is an all new game with an amazing narrative arc set in the world of Machi Koro.

Everything will change, and change again across this 10 game narrative arc!

You are still rolling dice. You are still collecting income, you are still racing to build landmarks.. but then you unlock the [Censored] and you start earning a little extra income by [Censored], and then you start to explore the [censored] and you have to make a choice between [censored] and [censored]. Even if you aren’t in contention to win a given game you still have [censored] to set up exciting [censored] for the next one. And then the [Entire paragraph deleted].

The story is a tale of [redacted] based on the Japanese [redacted] that was created with input from Nobuake Takerube, and the game will feature all new artwork from Nobura Hotta, the original artist of Machi Koro!

2-4 Players

Ages 8+

30-45 Minutes

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