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Infinity CodeOne Dire Foes Mission Pack Alpha: Retaliation

Infinity CodeOne Dire Foes Mission Pack Alpha: Retaliation

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PanOceania knows that a power does not maintain its supremacy by allowing any attack against it to go unpunished. Following the events in Operation Kaldstrøm, a representative of the Yu Jing diplomatic corps who is visiting Huangdi will be the target of a team led by Troll-hunter Gunnar Lundmark. Of course, with Imperial Agent Adil Mehmut of the Special Division as the diplomat’s bodyguard, the task will not be easy.

With this box you can not only expand your collection of Infinity CodeOne miniatures, but you will get new options for your army—giving them personality with these two heroes—and also a neutral model to play missions and scenarios.

Box contains:

  • 1x Imperial Agent Adil Mehmut
  • 1x Troll-hunter Gunnar Lundmark
  • 1x Yu Jing ambassador.

Miniatures included in Corvus Belli Infinity products are provided unpainted. Assembly may also be required.

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