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Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

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Centuries ago, countless lives were lost in the battle against Wu-Feng, Lord of the Nine Hells. Eventually Wu-Feng’s dark forces were defeated. His mortal body was cremated and locked in a sacred urn that was secretly buried beneath an unassuming village. Neverthless, Wu-Feng still commands terrible power, and after an age of searching, he has discovered the location of his ashes. An army of ghosts descends upon the village, and only a few selfless Taoist priests stand ready to protect the villagers and defend Wu-Feng’s ashes…

Ghost Stories is a cooperative board game that invites one to four players to become Taoist priests protecting a village and fighting back a tide of hungry ghosts. Wu-Feng calls upon all his power to recover his ashes, and only by fighting hordes of ghosts and defeating the incarnations of Wu-Feng himself can you safeguard the village. The Taoists lose the game if they are all killed, if the ghosts drive the villagers away, or if Wu-Feng arises and the Taoists fail to destroy him before time runs out! With four difficulty levels, unique powers for each of the Taoists, a massive variety of ghosts, and variable village setups, Ghost Stories challenges you in new ways every time.

1-4 players
Ages 10+
60+ minutes

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