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Edge of Humanity

Edge of Humanity

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After a world wide conflict that led to a chain reaction of events, civilisation as we knew it ceased to exist and Humanity is now at the brink of extinction.

In this apocalyptic future, the remaining survivors will restore hope for the human race by rebuilding civilization once more...

Players take on the roles of survivors thrown into a post-apocalyptic world, trying to survive the new harsh conditions of the world as it is now. You must lead your group of survivors, gathering supplies in order to construct new buildings, and create a better place for others to join you and make your group stronger. Survival Points (SP) will determine your success, and there are two main ways to score them: recruiting Survivors, and constructing buildings.


  • This Survival Guide
  • 1 Map
  • 224 cards:
  • 39 Event cards
  • 49 Supply cards
  • 34 Survivor cards
  • 65 Action cards
  • 27 Building cards
  • 10 Colony cards
  • 46 Life Tokens (with 36 ‘1’ and 10 ‘3’ values)
  • 25 Bullet tokens
  • Unlucky token
  • First player token
  • 5 plastic Player bases in 5 colors
  • 6 Survivor figures

2-5 players

30 minutes

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