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Descent: Legends of the Dark - The Betrayer's War

Descent: Legends of the Dark - The Betrayer's War

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The armies of Waiqar the Undying, in their shambolic state, are engaged in combat with the servants of Dragonlord Levirax, while the Uthuk Y’llan horde spreads uncontrollably. The very stability of Terrinoth is at risk of collapsing, and it is up to our heroes to secure a brighter future for their land. The question remains: are they capable of accomplishing such a daunting task?

The Betrayer's War, the second act of Descent: Legends of the Dark, offers one to four players the opportunity to continue the journey of Brynn, Chance, Galaden, Kehli, Syrus, and Vaerix as they work tirelessly to rescue their kingdom from the clutches of evil that threatens its legacy. Each hero is granted a new hero card and a plethora of abilities, and with fresh adversaries to confront and a new narrative to explore, The Betrayer's War serves as an essential expansion for anyone keen to immerse themselves once more in the realm of Terrinoth.

Will you have the fortitude to face the impending Darkness? Or will your legacy conclude in devastation and destruction?

Not a standalone expansion. The Descent: Legends of the Dark core game is required to play.

1-4 players

Ages 14+

2-3 hours

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