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Crazy Eggz

Crazy Eggz

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There are eggs all over the place! You are the chicken, and you have to grab, stand, and hide these crazy eggs to get them. The players must act quickly based on the directions given by dice in order to get an egg. The first person to act correctly gains an egg, but sometimes the slowest person loses an egg.

When the top of the dice is red, the first person to act correctly takes the egg on the stand, then rolls the placement die and places the egg on the indicated location of their body. When the top of the dice is blue, the last person to act returns one egg back to the egg box.

The first player to collect five eggs wins Crazy Eggz (or the player who has the most eggs if all ten eggs are taken). Take as many eggs as possible, and be the best chicken of all!

2-4 players

Ages 7+

15 minutes

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