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Cortex Challenge

Cortex Challenge

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Cortex Challenge is the exciting brain-busting card gamewhich uses the same fast-paced approach to family fun popularised by Dobble and Jungle Speed! The game tests players’ memory, cognition, and sensory perception. It even includes texture cards that are used during ‘Touch Challenges’, where players must guess what they are feeling, adding a unique element that is often neglected in games.

Players’ brain powers are stretched to the max as they race to be the first to match symbols, correctly remember all objects on a card or find the route out of mazes, amongst many other tests!

Winning challenges allows players to add pieces to their brain puzzle which they must complete before their opponents in order to win the game. Cortex Challenge is sure to tax the mental abilities of players both young and old!

2-6 players

Ages 8+

15 minutes

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