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Iwata Revolution CR3 Airbrush with R3 Nozzle

Iwata Revolution CR3 Airbrush with R3 Nozzle

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The Iwata Revolution airbrushes have the best performance and quality in their price range. They excel in all areas - the way they look, the way they handle, and especially the way they spray

Revolution CR3 specifications:

Spray Performance Category: Effortless coverage and quality atomisation at low air pressures

Spray Scale: Fine to Wide - Fine line to 1 1/2" (0.3mm to 38mm)

Optimal Working Pressure: 20 - 30 psi

Head System: R3 - Needle, Needle Cap, Nozzle, Nozzle Cap

Nozzle Type: Screw-On

Feed Style: Gravity-feed

Paint Capacity: 0.24oz (7.0ml)

Action: Dual-action

Mix Type: Internal-mix

Handle Type: Comfort

Warranty: 10 Years

Net Weight (kg): 0.11

Assembled Dimensions (mm): 28 x 149 x 67

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