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Catan: Rise of the Inkas

Catan: Rise of the Inkas

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Catan: Rise of the Inkas confronts you with new strategic challenges as you develop your tribe. Development works in much the same as the core mechanics of Catan - build roads and settlements, gain development cards to give you an advantage, and utilise the robber to hinder your opponents. However, eventually your early tribes reach their pinnacle and are supplanted.

Settle, act, build — the basic Catan elements are all there in Catan Histories: Rise of the Inkas, but this game includes an innovative displacement mechanism that opens up new possibilities for players and confronts them with new game situations that will require tactical adjustments. Nature can reclaim settlements already built, allowing another player the chance to build their own settlement on a coveted site. Fish, cocoa, and feathers enrich the barter trade.

This is a standalone game.

3-4 players

Ages 12+

90 minutes

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