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Caskuda vs Maximus Pre-order Exclusive Pack

Caskuda vs Maximus Pre-order Exclusive Pack

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Caskuda vs Maximus Pre-order Exclusive Pack Information. Maximus is the greatest Aristeia! star of all time, a symbol of international scope who represents and epitomizes the ideals of Freedom, Truth, Fortitude, and Justice. His response to these dark times the Human Sphere is going through has been to jump into the fray by collaborating with the Support Subsection of ALEPH and the PanOceanian Military Complex. Caskudas are heavily armoured assault TAGs outfitted as trans-atmospheric jump units that can be launched from aircraft or planetary orbit. Their entry into the battlefield could easily be mistaken for a hellish meteor shower. Caskudas crash into the zone of operations causing a massive blast to wreak havoc in their enemy's ranks. On the other hand, Maximus has the resolve and courage to face any adversity or opponent.  Maximus will always stand up to anyone to protect the innocent and the powerless. And he will do so because he fights for what he believes is right and because he wants the Sphere to be at peace, which makes him a hero, especially in such turbulent and troubled times as the present. 

Maximus versus Caskuda, only one will be left standing!


  • 1x Caskuda with Combi Rifle (AP) Miniature
  • 1x Maximus with Multi Marksman Rifle Miniature
  • 1x 55mm Base
  • 1x 40mm Base

Models require assembly and paint.

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