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Call to Adventure: Name of the Wind Expansion

Call to Adventure: Name of the Wind Expansion

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This expansion for Call to Adventure includes a rulebook, 9 Character cards, 53 Story cards, 16 Hero and Antihero cards, 5 Solo/Co-Op cards, 12 Naming tokens, and a board for tracking available Names. The Name of the Wind requires the original Call To Adventure to play, but even on its own it’s a beautifully illustrated collectible for any Patrick Rothfuss fan!

New Adventures: Include 80 all-new, lavishly illustrated cards! Whether you attend the University or explore the Fae, learn the science of sympathy or the art of Naming, you adventure will never be the same!

A New Way to Play: This set introduces an all-new mechanic called Naming. When you live on the edge and experience failure, you have a chance to learn the name of Iron, Fire, or the Wind. When you know a Name, you can use its power to automatically overcome Challenges!

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