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A beautiful, elegant and challenging multi-teaser puzzle for all the family.
Can you become a master of Arokah?

What is Arokah?

A new discovery revealed for the very first time, Arokah represents one of nature's best kept secrets.

A unique set of elements formed within the structure of a hexagon, combine to create the most beautiful and extraordinary patterns and designs.

With this unique and fascinating set of Arokah shapes, Steve C. Brazier has created the ultimate brain teaser challenge. A 'multiteaser' puzzle that combines the inherent beauty of nature with puzzle challenges that will test your skill and endurance to the limit!

Begin your journey now!

“A NEW Mathematical Phenomenon”
Prof. Imre Leader, University of Cambridge

“Arokah has what it takes to become a classic brand”
Mike Moody, CEO, Seventowns - Rubik, London

Could Arokah be the new Sudoku or Rubik's Cube?
Ray Keene OBE, International Chess Grandmaster, Chess Correspondent of The Times

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