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Ankh Gods of Egypt

Ankh Gods of Egypt

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Ancient Egyptians worshipped many gods, each in control of different aspects of everyday life. However, times are changing and the population has begun melding different gods together and focusing their admiration to only a few. As this continues, they head towards a monotheistic society. The gods, sensing what is happening, are fighting among themselves to become the one god that the populace gives their adoration.

One will be worshipped.

The others will be forgotten.

In Ankh, players take on the role of one of the gods of ancient Egypt and compete against each another for followers. Dedicate monuments to your worshipers, recruit great monsters from Egyptian lore to show your power, divide the desert with camel caravan trade routes, and fight the other Gods for the love of the people.

In the end, only one will remain as the one true god of the land.

Ages 14+

2-5 players

60 minutes

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