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44044 Dark Watcher

44044 Dark Watcher

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· PLAY, PAINT, AND USE: Reaper Miniatures are awesome in RPG and tabletop games like Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons (any edition), Dragon Age, Castles and Crusades, Hackmaster, Frostgrave, and Savage Worlds. Fantastic as an Art Piece, Gift, Family Project, Wargaming, or just for some fun.

· MADE FROM: Up to 10% recycled durable polymer plastic with built-in or integral bases. Bones are a light-weight flexible PVC, and any deformations caused by shipping or because of manufacturing can be straightened out by CAREFULLY immersing the figure in boiling water, MORE CAREFULLY adjusting the mini, and quickly placing into ice water.

· DISCLAIMER/CAUTION: Not for Children under the age of 13 Years.

· Some miniatures require assembly and miniatures DO NOT arrive painted.

· Some parts may be bent due to their position in the packaging. To straighten bent parts place in hot water and carefully straighten the part. Plunge in cold water to set the position.

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