Infinity CodeOne Where to Start

You've heard people talking about Infinity and what a great game it is. You like the look of the models and you want to play, but where do you start?

If you’re brand new to Infinity, we’d recommend you start off with Infinity CodeOne. CodeOne is a faster, streamlined version of Infinity N4 and is perfect for beginners or someone who wants to play a shorter game. The Operation Crimson Stone box is the ideal starter box and has absolutely everything you need to start your journey. It includes two armies, custom dice, all the markers you’ll need for the game, and enough terrain for a 15-point game. There’s a start playing guide included too, which walks you through your first games by introducing 5 missions. You’ll start your first mission with just 3 characters on each side, and with each mission you’ll add one more character and learn a new rule until you’re playing with all 7 characters in your army and have a grasp of the basic rules. If you want to use the full ruleset, we recommend you pick up the CodeOne Rulebook. It’s a great price and will give you the full rules for the game with colour diagrams to assist the examples of play.

Once you’re comfortable with the game, you can either stick with your 7 characters and continue playing only with the contents of the Crimson Stone/Kaldstrom box (replayability is excellent, you’ll get enough enjoyment from the box to last years), or you can increase your army to 10 characters and double the size of your play area. The easiest way to do this is with the Infinity CodeOne Support Packs, and an extra terrain pack. This will enable you to play 30-point games if you’re looking for a greater challenge. You may want to get a tape measure to make measuring easier.

If you want to try different armies at a later date, there are great value starter boxes available which will be enough to get you playing with those factions.

CodeOne will keep you entertained for years. It’s a great game and the perfect introduction to the world of Infinity.

If at a later date you want to progress to the full N4 game, you’ll need a copy of the N4 Rulebook. This will also open up a whole new world to you as you are now able to play with even more armies and can increase your table size to 4ft x 4ft! The rulebook comes in a slipcase and includes two books; one book containing all of the rules for the full Infinity N4 game, and another book which includes all the background information and lore you want to know about the Infinity universe.

So, you're now ready to dive into the world of Infinity. Enjoy your journey, there's lots of fun to be had!