Critical Sanctuary Season One

Unleash Your Imagination with Critical Sanctuary: The Binge-Worthy Tabletop RPG Experience!

A few month ago we wrote about the tabletop RPG game Critical Foundation. Set in the near future, this was the perfect RPG for people who are new to roleplaying games where you need a games master to run the sessions, or for those of you who like to keep your RPG sessions under an hour. It’s a system that was marketed as an RPG for the Netflix generation, with its relatively short sessions and ‘full season’ gameplay design.

We loved it, and so did you! However, what if you’ve been craving a fantasy-themed game setting instead? Well, your wish has come true! Prepare for the arrival of Critical Sanctuary - Season 1, arriving in mid-July. This new game utilizes the same award-winning system as Critical Foundation, and continues the tradition of dividing gameplay into 'episodes' for easy and convenient play. This time, we venture into the enchanting realm of the Land of the Eight.

Critical Sactuary Tabletop RPG game


According to the history books, the Land of the Eight has always been divided into eight baronies, with the Gods looking over the lands. These eight Gods, half human, half animal, make their presence known through magic. Sorcerers speak for the Gods, and are blessed with magical tattoos, but the Guilds direct political life.

However, over time the Guilds have started to abandon their subjects and the magic of the Gods is fading. So, is it your time now?

Just like Critical Foundation, Critical Sanctuary comes complete with a Gamemaster's screen, custom dice, a symopsis booklet and 9 episodes, gorgeous episde cards, and much more.

Critical Sanctuary Tabletop RPG Game with custome dice


Check out Critical Sanctuary, available to buy now.


Critical Sanctuary RPG

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