Solforge Fusion Arrives in the UK

Solforge Fusion Arrives in the UK

Solforge Fusion is the latest card game from legendary designers Richard Garfield and Justin Gary. With 15000 cards in the initial release, the game is sure to have something new for even the most experienced veteran. What makes this game stand out from the rest is its unique deck building mechanic. Players choose two preconstructed half-decks and combine them to create their own full deck. Not only does this give you the freedom to choose between a variety of playstyles, but it also makes sure that no two decks are the same.

The game is played with each player drawing a hand of five cards and taking it in turns to play two cards, plus any free cards they may be able to play. There is no mana or cost needed to play a card, and each player alternates playing cards until one of them has been reduced to zero health. Players have four rounds to accomplish this, with each round consisting of three turns.

What makes Solforge Fusion so compelling is its use of the lane system for the battlefield and its levelling up mechanic. When a card is played, it levels up into a stronger version of itself, making it more powerful with each successive play. This ensures that the game remains fresh, requiring players to actively adjust their strategies.

The Solforge Fusion Starter Kit includes four half-decks, enough to create one of six possible decks or enough for two players to each have their own deck. In addition to the cards, the Starter Kit also includes two paper playmats and card tokens to mark any modifiers on the cards. The tokens make it easier to keep track of the game and help players remember any bonuses or penalties that have been applied to their cards.

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