MDG Plays Lost Cities: The Card Game

MDG Plays Lost Cities: The Card Game

Staying with the two-player game series, we decided our next game to take a look at would be Lost Cities the Card Game. This is a game we've been playing for quite some time, and we feel it's time to put the game in the spotlight. 

This two-player game can be played over three games, or just cut short to one if you're pushed for time. We've found that this game can be enjoyed by beginner or experienced gamers alike. Whilst you may initially think that this is just a game of numbers, you really need to pay attention to what cards to hold onto and which ones to discard...and the right time to do so! You need to be creating those exhibitions, but do too many and it'll come back to bite you!

Check out our video where we explain how to play the game, and then play through it so that you can get to playing your own copy quickly.



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