Infinity: The World of Tomorrow

Infinity: The World of Tomorrow

What is Infinity?

Infinity is a tabletop miniatures game by Corvus Belli. This skirmish game has the cinematic aesthetics of an anime movie. The metal miniatures are sculpted in dynamic poses, and when placed amongst a table full of futuristic scenery create an amazing diorama worthy of a still from any cool neon-lit sci-fi blockbuster. With two versions of the game, CodeOne – a streamlined version of the game, and its big brother N4, there’s room for beginners and experienced players alike.

What’s so great about the game?

The game has a rich lore to draw you into the world of the Human Sphere, the collective name for the planets inhabited by our heroes. Using a limited number of miniatures (troopers) which create your army, you’ll complete missions as you compete against your opponent. Whilst turn-based, the rules system created for the game means that it’s always your turn. For example, it’s your opponent’s turn and they move a trooper (miniature) out of cover across to the safety of cover behind another building. Did any of your troopers see that trooper move? If the answer is yes, they can take a shot! Or, anticipating that your opponent may shoot at you, they can attempt to dodge out of the way. Yes, you can do that when it’s not even your turn!

Additionally, the way you’ll use your troopers is great fun and allows for great strategic thinking. You will receive an order for each of your active troopers on the table (excluding unconscious troopers). So, if you have 10 active troopers on the table, you will receive 10 orders. These orders, put simply, allow you to take an action. Here’s where it gets interesting. You don’t have to spend an order on each trooper; you could, if you wanted to, spend all ten orders on just one trooper! This allows you to plan your strategy and move quickly across the landscape of the table.

Going back to unconscious troopers; if your trooper takes enough damage to take them to zero health, they will fall unconscious. They don’t generate an order token and they don’t take any actions. However, that’s not the end of that trooper. If you have a doctor or a specialist equipped with a medikit you can attempt to revive the trooper and they’re back in the game!

Is it difficult to learn how to play?

CodeOne is a streamlined version of Infinity N4. It’s easy to learn and lots of fun to play. The rules are easy enough for you to get full enjoyment whilst playing, and the starter boxes even walk you through an easy way to learn by starting playing with just 3 models and a few rules, and adding another rule and another model with each game you play. You’ll still be able to apply strategy to your games and carry out exciting missions on the table top. If you later want to move up to the full N4 game, the rules you’ve learned for CodeOne will carry over into N4 and you will have a lot more rules to learn. However, these additional rules will open up so many more strategic options to add to your gameplay; it’s worth it!

But what about the metal miniatures?

With people being used to building and painting plastic miniatures, metal miniatures may make you feel a little uneasy. Let us help you to feel more at ease. Yes, you will need to use super glue to build these models. However, the models are so simple to build that instructions aren’t needed. With most models supplied in just two or three pieces, you’ll have them built in no time. Another benefit of metal models is that they are extremely detailed. If you want to paint them quickly, they’re ideally suited for contrast paints. If you want to take your time and paint them to a very high standard, skilled painters can create masterpieces.

With the price of metal increasing rapidly, Corvus Belli has made the decision to make future large models in plastic. This started with the Beyond Crimson Stone box. For now, the standard-sized miniatures will remain in metal.

It’s an expensive game though, right?

Actually, no. Compared to other top miniatures games Infinity is actually really affordable! Let’s look at CodeOne as an example. The maximum number of models you can have in your army is ten. If you pick up an Infinity CodeOne starter box such as Crimson Stone or Kaldstrom, these boxes each come with two 7-trooper armies, custom dice, all the markers you’ll need, and enough terrain for a 15-point game. If you want to move up to ten models, the Beyond Crimson Stone box, or Beyond Kaldstrom box will take you up to ten models.

Then you have the rule book. You can, if you like, buy the incredibly affordable rule book. Or, if you’re happy with a PDF copy, Corvus Belli has made the rule book available for free download.

Also, Corvus Belli has created an excellent Army app for both CodeOne and N4, and they’re absolutely free to use. Choose your army, add your troopers, and you’ll know everything there is to know about each trooper. All the trooper stats, special skills, weapons, even stats for the weapons too. There’s no need to pay for an army builder app, there’s no need to buy a codex – all the information you need is in the army app. So, no updating codexes necessary.

If you lose some tokens, those too are available to download and print at home.

You will need some super glue and some paints to build and paint your models.

So, there you have it. When you look at the cost of playing we think you’ll find it’s really good value.

What’s the new release schedule like?

We’re not going to lie. Although you only need a maximum 10 models to play CodeOne, 15 for N4, the models are so cool that you’ll probably want more. You’ll look forward to seeing what new releases are heading to our store. New models are released just once each month, so you have plenty of time to save if you see something you love.

What about older models?

If there’s a model you want that isn’t listed on our website, or is out of stock, as long as it’s still available we can order one in for you.

Go ahead, jump into Infinity today.

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