Exploring the Charms of Kutna Hora: The City of Silver - Our First Impressions!

Exploring the Charms of Kutna Hora: The City of Silver - Our First Impressions!

You'll know from previous posts that we've been waiting for this game for quite a while now. It's one we've been desperate to play. We eagerly anticipated the arrival of CGE's Kutna Hora: The City of Silver, and after our initial playthrough, was the excitement justified? Did it live up to our expectations? In a word – absolutely!

Kutna Hora Board Game Player Board

The game boasts a visually stunning design, complemented by top-notch gaming components that enhance the overall experience. The tactile satisfaction of handling the high-quality pieces led us to indulge in far too many mining actions, simply because the pieces were a joy to use.

Kutna Hora Board Game Mining Board

We must also give a shout out to the wonderfully informative player aid which each player can keep by their player board. It boasts all the information you'll need to remember during your first couple of games, making for the perfect 'cheat sheet', meaning you won't be reaching for the rulebook should you forget something.

Our engagement deepened as we immersed ourselves in the town's development, from strategic planning and construction to mining operations. Keeping an eye on the market, where goods' prices fluctuate and impact your selling costs, added an extra layer of complexity and excitement. And sure, also a touch of frustration when you're waiting to carry out an income turn and the player before you does something which negatively affects the price of the goods you're waiting to sell!

 Kutna Hora Board Game Market Values

With a variety of card-based actions available on each turn, planning became a key element of the game. However, a word of caution – it's crucial to pay attention! A misstep, such as playing a card without considering its bottom action, can disrupt your carefully laid plans for the subsequent turn.

As for scoring, the game concluded with an intensely close match. We had no idea who would win, so the end scoring was nail-biting! In fact, the game resulted in a tie, with the third player trailing just 4 points behind the joint winners. Who doesn't love a close game like that!

Kutna Hora not only delivered on its aesthetic promises but also proved to be a captivating and tightly contested gaming experience. With many actions to choose from, and the dynamic supply and demand economic system, there's a lot happening. It's a wonderfully immersive game. We can't wait for our next game!

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