Disney's Lorcana, Arriving This Autumn

Disney's Lorcana, Arriving This Autumn

Disney Lorcana is the ultimate trading card game, combining Disney's extensive storytelling experience with Ravensburger's 140 years of game expertise. It is the most inclusive and collectible Disney product to date, featuring accessible gameplay and an extensive collection of original artwork.

You will be an Illumineer, with the extraordinary ability to summon "glimmers" of Disney characters using six magical inks, creating both familiar and fantastically reimagined forms. Enter the world of Lorcana and amass your team of glimmers!

Your journey will begin in August 2023. For this two-player game each player will need a deck of 60 cards to play. The easiest way to jump in is by picking up a Starter Set. Starter decks come pre-constructed with a set card list and are perfect for beginners or those who aren't ready to build their own decks. They offer a balanced and tested deck crafted by Team Lorcana for a fun gaming experience.

Booster packs contain 12 random cards from the card set and come in three different designs, but there is no guarantee that the character on the front of the packet will be included in the cards. These cards can be used to personalise your own 60-card deck with unique abilities and characters not found in the starter decks.

What’s in the Gift Set?

For collectors and players alike, the Gift Set includes two collectible oversized foil cards, two playable foil game cards, tokens, and four boosters. The Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter Gift Set will feature everyone’s favourite Mulan - Imperial Soldier, and the powerful Hades - King of Olympus.

What’s in the Illumineer’s Trove?

The ultimate treasure is The Illumineer's Trove, including a full-art storage box, two deck boxes, eight booster packs, a player's guide, and more. The player's guide offers a glimpse into the world of Lorcana, a complete visual guide to all cards in Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter, deckbuilding tips, game strategies, and powerful card combinations from Team Lorcana.

Pre-orders go live on August 1st, with the game releasing approximately three weeks later. Be sure to come back to our website on August 1st to guarantee yours!


Update: The publisher has issued two release dates for this product: In-store purchases: 18th August. Online purchases: 1st September.

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