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The Star Wars: Destiny Two-Player Game puts you in an epic battle as Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma challenge heroes Rey and Poe using the fast-paced and easy-to-learn Star Wars: Destiny system. The first player to deplete the health of their opponents through melee and ranged attacks wins the game!

The Star Wars: Destiny Two-Player Game features two twenty-three card decks, rules, and all the resource, shield, and damage tokens needed for a game of Star Wars: Destiny, allowing you and a friend to begin playing almost immediately!

Once you’ve experienced the epic duels of Star Wars: Destiny Two-Player Game, a whole world of Star Wars: Destiny awaits. A second copy of the Star Wars: Destiny Two-Player Game will double your card pool, giving you two copies of every card and allowing you to use the elite version of all four characters. Furthermore, booster packs from Awakenings, Spirit of Rebellion, and Empire at War will further expand your collection with characters from every era of the epic saga.

The forces of the First Order and the Resistance are clashing, choose your side and duel with the Star Wars: Destiny Two-Player Game. Who will prevail in the epic struggle of heroes and villains? Only you can decide!