Infinity Operation Crimson Stone Exclusive Bundle

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This bundle includes one copy of Operation Crimson Stone, one copy of Dire Foes Mission Pack Gamma: Xanadu Rush, and one copy of the Dragon Lady Event exclusive miniature.

Operation: Crimson Stone Battle Pack is an army box containing:

  • 14 miniatures belonging to the two different armies of the Nomads and Ariadna
  • an introductory ruleset, cardboard scenery
  • dice
  • everything you need to start collecting Infinity CodeOne, or just to complete your collection!

Operation: Crimson Stone is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the Infinity CodeOne ruleset. It includes a full-colour rulebook with 5 tutorial missions to teach you how to play, making it easy to understand the Infinity CodeOne core mechanics.

In the booklet, you will also find the background and troop profiles of all the troops in the Battle Pack, as well as a brief guide to the Infinity universe and advice on exploring it in more detail.

Operation: Crimson Stone contains 2 totally new Starter Packs of two factions: Nomads, a coalition of three colossal ships, and Ariadna, founded by the descendants of the first human colony ship. A total of 14 highly detailed metal miniatures!

Only during the pre-order: Get the miniature of Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff for free with the purchase of the Operation: Crimson Stone Battle Pack. A brutal and ferocious mercenary who has no rival in close combat.

The Operation Crimson Stone Battle Pack contains a complete game experience with everything you need to start playing:

14x Highly-detailed Metal Miniatures

  • 7 Nomad minitures:
    • 3 Alguacil
    • 1 Sombra
    • 1 Evader
    • 1 Hellcat
    • 1 Intruder
  • 7 Ariadna
    • 3 Rokot
    • 1 Para-commando
    • 1 S.A.S.
    • 1 Volkolak
    • 1 Zenit-7

1 Pre-order Exclusive miniature, Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff
Ready-to-play, double-sided printed cardboard scenery set

4 Buildings
4 Holoads
2 Public Consoles
9 Blast Barriers
1 Paper Game Mat

6 Twenty-sided Dice
Cardboard Markers

The Dire Foes Mission Pack Gamma: Xanadu Rush set contains four multi-part metal miniatures

  • 1 Jazz Hacker
  • 1 Billie
  • 1 "Firststrike" Donn
  • 1 Lab-Tech

The Dragon Lady Event Exclusive Edition contains

  • 1 Multi-part Metal Miniature

This miniature is only available for a limited time to celebrate the release of Operation Crimson Stone.

Please note:
Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly is required.