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Kaldstrom Colonial Settlement Scenery Pack

Kaldstrom Colonial Settlement Scenery Pack

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The Kaldstrøm Scenery Pack recreates a colonial settlement in the frozen territories of the planet Svalarheima. This set includes strong double-sided printed cardboard scenery (4 Buildings, 4 Holoads, 2 Public Consoles, and 9 Blast Barriers), a paper Game Mat, and also cardboard Markers, Tokens, Templates and a measuring tool.

The Scenery Packs offer the best quality/price ratio to get a game table that is quick and easy to build, while also being visually appealing and functional. The modular system and the different textures of the double-sided printing provides great variety when combining different Kaldstrøm sets, avoiding repetition. The ideal complement to explore Svalarheima and to provide that extra cover your troopers always need.

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