Keyforge Tournament - 2nd December 2018

Keyforge Tournament - 2nd December 2018

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This is an event ticket. You will not receive a physical ticket, bring your order confirmation email with you to the event. Choose 'Collect from Store' as your delivery method so that no postage is charged.

Keyforge Tournament - 2nd December 2018, 11:00am. Registration from 10:30am

Mutant Dice Games, St Helens.

Tickets include a Keyforge deck for you to keep, a pack of Ultrapro sleeves to sleeve your deck, and entry to the competition. Snacks will be provided.

At registration you will receive a Keyforge Deck and will play with that deck throughout the day.

The first 'round' is a teaching/warm-up round and wins will not gain any points.

Playing with the deck you're given at registration means nobody will have an advantage as the deck will be new to everybody.

Points will be awarded for wins.

Everyone is welcome.

We welcome a friendly environment. Abuse of other players/staff will not be tolerated.

Please arrive early to register and collect your deck, especially if you want to sleeve your deck before playing.

Remember to bring your email confirmation of purchase.

These tickets are nonrefundable, unless fewer than 4 people attend the event. If fewer then 4 people attend, the event will be cancelled and the ticket price will be refunded in full.