Infinity CodeOne: Opertion Kaldstrom

Bring Manga to Life With This Exciting Miniatures Game

Infinity CodeOne is a new product that allows easy entry into the Infinity world. If you‘re not familiar with the Infinity world from the game, tabletop RPG books, or manga, you’re in for a treat. The Infinity world is a vast cinematic universe with a very definite anime influence. If you read manga, watch anime, or just like the aesthetics of those Japanese posters you see around, you’ll absolutely love the look of Infinity.

It’s not just the exciting and cool look of Infinity that is appealing, it has great gameplay. CodeOne rules allow you to get the same exciting Infinity experience, but you can play on a coffee table. (The standard N4 Infinity game plays on a 4foot x 4foot mat.) The starter box comes with a paper poster playmat which will fit on most coffee tables. It also comes with enough strong cardboard terrain to fill the play area. The terrain is printed in full colour on both sides, no painting needed! Just slot the pieces together and your terrain is built and ready to play.

You get 14 highly-detailed metal miniatures in the Operation Kaldstrom box, enough for 2 complete 15-point armies. These come unassembled and need painting. However, the models are mostly just 2-3 pieces and are easy to put together with the use of super glue. You don’t even need assembly instructions, they’re that simple! Corvus Belli, the publisher of Infinity, make some of the best models available. Highly detailed character models show off their personality with amazing dynamic poses.

Infinity CodeOne: Operation Kaldstrom

Operation Kaldstrom includes 2 armies, dice, terrain and markers.

PanOceania army

PanOceania army included in the box.

Infinity Yu Jing Army

Yu Jing army included in the box.

Infinity N4 is a great game, but can be a little complicated and intimidating for newcomers. CodeOne is designed to get beginners playing quickly, with rules that are streamlined from those of its big brother. If you want to move on up N4 you can absolutely do that. Your models will be playable in that version. Another great thing about Corvus Belli? They put PDF versions of their rulebooks online for you to download for free! So if you ever want to look into the larger Infinity universe, you can do so without commitment.

We absolutely love CodeOne. With CodeOne you get the same Infinity experience without the need to know the full ruleset needed for N4 tournament play, with a shortened playing time to suit your schedule.

Some of the things we love about Infinity are:

  • Its ability to introduce a mission with a backstory that invites you into the world with the visuality of an RPG encounter.
  • No pre-measuring when using your weapons. Declare your weapon; you may be in range and get a bonus to your attack, or you may be out of range and find it a little more difficult to hit your target.
  • The d20 system. Infinity uses 20-sided dice. At its most simplistic, if you’re shooting with a ballistic skill of 13, you just have to roll a 13 or below to hit; need to save a hit from a weapon with a damage of 13? Just roll a dice and hope you get above 13.
  • Paramedics. Has one of your character's health been reduced to 0? Get your paramedic over there and use a MediKit to attempt to revive them!
  • It’s always your turn. There’s no hanging around waiting for someone to finish their turn so that you can do something. If an enemy moves from behind one building to another, and your model(s) can see the model at any point during its movement, you can react with a shot from every one of your models who can see the character (or dodge an anticipted shot from that moving model).

There are, of course, modifiers that can be added to give advantages or disadvantages, such as range, cover, armour, etc, but these are all simple to understand. There are exciting things such as camouflage, or even using a hacker to hack an enemy! These rules can all be introduced slowly to the game so that you can learn at your own pace.

If you’re looking for an exciting miniatures skirmish game with outstanding models, set in a colourful vast world, then look no further than Infinity CodeOne. Order yours here.

Infinity CodeOne Dire Foes Retaliation Mission Pack

If you want to add even more to your games, you can also pick up the Dire Foes Retaliation box. This box includes three new Infinity CodeOne models: one model for the PanOceania army, one for the Yu Jing army, and a civilian figure. If you read the Infinity manga novels, you may recognise the civilian as the Yu Jing Ambassador from the manga novel Outrage! These models can also be played in N4.

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